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Thinking of Marketo as a Service? Your questions answered

To become a marketing powerhouse these days, you need a tool like Marketo. But if you’re having trouble finding, paying, and keeping great Marketo resources, you’re not alone. 

Many companies vying for skilled resources are turning to Marketo as a Service (MaaS) to help them extract the full value from this robust platform. 

Not sure if MaaS is right for you? Read through what companies are asking prospective MaaS providers. 

  1. Is Marketo as a Service expensive?
    The cost of MaaS is typically only 75% of a fully loaded employee headcount. Plus you avoid the hiring process, and get guaranteed skills.
  2. What can we expect from a MaaS provider?
    MaaS providers bring the expert resources to onboard, execute, and measure Marketo programs, following best practices that your team can learn to drive revenue. Ask providers whether they offer email A/B and Litmus tests, monthly analytics, nurture programs, data governance, program strategy support, content, and any other services you might need. 
  3. Would a MaaS provider really care if we succeed or fail?
    Look for a provider that will understand your goals and act as an extension of your team. It should be a partnership based on “when you succeed, we succeed.”
  4. Can we count on our MaaS provider to stick to our deadlines and standards?
    Most certified Marketo experts provide high quality program execution and work to your deadlines—as long as they’re realistic! Ask providers to talk about their experience, quality guarantees, net provider score, customer testimonials, relationship with Adobe, and other elements that are important to you.
  5. Can we hire a MaaS provider to run a small program or cover resource gaps?
    Most providers cover capacity gaps from attrition, parental leave, or program surges. Many can run as little as ten programs a month, or up to hundreds.


Marketo as a Service is designed to help CMOs, Marketing Ops, Digital, and Demand Gen leaders stand taller and breathe easier. If you have any questions about Demand Spring’s MaaS offering, reach out to chat about how we help you get the most out of your investment and bring your marketing initiatives to life.

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Tina Groulx

Tina is a Marketo Certified Expert, who finds marketing automation fascinating, as the learning opportunities are endless.

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