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Revenue Marketing in 2021: Demand Spring Survey Results and CMO Recommendations

Demand Spring has just released our annual Revenue Marketing B2B Benchmark Report.  As this year’s results made clear, now more than ever, CMO’s need to deliver on the promise that marketing can do more than just “influence” pipeline. As our tech stacks grow and our ability to measure marketing improves, increasingly we need to prove […]

Demand Spring Releases 4th Annual Revenue Marketing B2B Benchmark Report

OTTAWA, ON – January 19, 2021 – Revenue Marketing consultancy Demand Spring today released the results of their fourth annual Revenue Marketing B2B Benchmark Report. Numerous findings in the report indicate that Revenue Marketing has played a pivotal role within organizations throughout 2020, and will continue to do so post-pandemic. Over the past several years, […]

Three simple ways to improve email marketing performance

Torpedo 20

Ah yes, the Torpedo 20. State of the art typing from Germany, circa 1952. But how does it rate as email marketing performance machine? Not well. So what does the Torpedo 20 have to do with email marketing? When it comes to email marketing, there are two questions I hear most often: How well are […]

Don’t rely solely on benchmarks


Benchmarks can be that consistent presence in a world of change. That’s a comforting thought to many. And it should be! And to others, it’s a sign of stodgy rhetoric that’s seen its heyday.  And that’s a good sign too. Ok, then. What to do? Evaluate benchmarks with a grain of salt. Flip them upside […]