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Marketing Automation

Part 1: The Impact of Marketing Automation in B2B

Gone are the days of manual, time-consuming processes that restricted efficiency and obstructed growth. According to an Adobe Research Report, 98% of marketers believe that Marketing Automation is very important for success; this belief is grounded on the benefits of having automated processes that are more streamlined and easier to handle.

Marketing Automation has the capacity to amplify the way B2B companies connect, engage, and nurture relationships, allowing marketers to focus on what is most important and letting technology take care of the operation. Going beyond mere process optimization, Marketing Automation has thrown open the gates of personalization, efficiency, and scalability, and the impact in today’s B2B operations is significant.


What Numbers Say about Marketing Automation in B2B

The key to getting the most out of Marketing Automation is having a well-thought-out plan that directs how you use the system from start to finish. When we look at the numbers, they clearly show the significant potential that a carefully executed Marketing Automation strategy can bring to B2B companies.

According to a Marketing Automation report by Zurich University, lead quality is paramount, especially for boosting MQL or SQL numbers. The research survey revealed that 39% of marketers have witnessed an improvement in lead quality. Furthermore, implementing Marketing Automation can also lead to a 14.5% increase in sales productivity, as reported by Findstack in its comprehensive stats.

Marketing Automation extends its benefits to customer support and social media, with even greater advantages when combined with AI. For instance, when used effectively, chatbots can trim operating costs related to customer service by up to 30%, freeing up budgets for more strategic operations in Marketing and Sales.

Yet, this is just the beginning of our journey into the realm of Marketing Automation. Part 2 of this series will delve deeper into the statistics supporting the case for Marketing Automation in B2B. We’ll also explore the challenges organizations face in harnessing its full potential.

Stay tuned to uncover more about how Marketing Automation is reshaping the B2B landscape. Get in touch with us today!


Maria Hortua

Maria Hortua

Maria is a business and marketing professional with extensive expertise on marketing automation processes, email marketing practices and generating reports, helping marketing and sales teams maximize their efforts in B2B campaigns

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