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5 Best Practices to take your Campaigns to new Heights

CEO of marketing analytics firm, Allen Gannett, once said, “creating marketing that works should not be rocket science.” So why does constructing the perfect marketing campaign often feel as complex as launching a spacecraft into the unknown?

Let’s face it, there are a lot of moving pieces required to make a campaign effective and successful, but we’ve come up with tips and tricks that have helped our clients ease their campaign processes and increase their ROI. 

Here are 5 best practices to make your campaigns out of this world: 

    1. Begin with a clear strategy. Before choosing content and channels for your campaign, make sure you (and your team) can answer these questions: What is the goal of this campaign? Why does this goal exist? And who is the intended audience? 
    2. Remember your buyer’s journey. Use data-driven buyer research so that you know how to engage your buyer at each stage of the journey. Check out this blog post for tips to optimize your buyer persona and buyer journey research.
    3.  Select relevant content. This might seem like a no brainer– obviously you use relevant content in your campaigns. What we mean here, though, is less about the relevance to your campaign, and more about the relevance to your individual buyers. Align your content to each stage of the buyer journey and leverage marketing automation platforms to deliver timely content inline with the buyer’s behaviour.
    4.  Be strategic with your channels. The majority of successful campaigns we see today are omnichannel, which is no surprise as they really create a smooth customer experience. Whether you embark on an omnichannel campaign or stick to multichannel, every campaign should include digital AND human touches to better engage with your customer.
    5. Create a round-the-clock campaign. Once you’ve made your campaign strategy, aligned it with your buyer journey, selected your content and your channels– it’s clear that a lot of time and effort has gone into this campaign. So make it worth it! The majority of time is spent on campaigns that are always on, and running for extended periods of time. Celebrate your hard work, and make the campaign last.

Rocket science is a lot of work; it took 8 years and over 400,000 engineers for 2 men to fly to the moon in 1969. Marketing is also a lot of work, but by following these best practices, we hope that creating successful campaigns feels a bit less like astronautics and a bit more enjoyable.

Alison Pratt

Alison is a full time paralegal student, a part time revenue marketer, and a recently certified Hatha Yoga teacher. She is passionate about making positive change in both her local and global community.

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