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Marketing and Sales Alignment

Digital transformation has upended traditional sales and marketing.

Funnel dynamics are totally different in a world where buyers answer their own questions and service their own needs before they ever engage with a seller. With the right sales and marketing mix, organizations can drive 38 percent higher win rates, according to MarketingProfs.

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Through benchmarketing, analysis, consulting, workshops and coaching, our marketing and sales alignment solutions help you rebuild your marketing and sales processes, goals and metrics to drive measurable results that map to pipeline.

This service includes:

  • Joint planning
    Align marketing and sales on campaign tactics, go-to-market approach and closed-loop feedback.
  • Timely handoffs of leads
    Re-map for minimal lead decay based on timely and smooth handoffs of leads from marketing to sales.
  • Predictable lead flow
    Ensure a steady lead flow from marketing to sales.
  • Shared pipeline knowledge
    Train marketing to be well-versed in the state of the current pipeline, expected targets, and gaps.
  • Shared account targets
    Map for insights to ensure marketing and sales are working from the same account list.
  • SLAs
    Clarify expectations about lead follow-up.

Tight collaboration and a seamless lead hand-off between marketing and sales are essential foundations of any demand system. We also help you refresh your internal roles and metrics to drive measurable sales and marketing alignment, including:

  • Lead taxonomy
    Build a common lead taxonomy across marketing and sales.
  • Scoring model
    Architect a scoring model that incorporates demographic, firmographic and behavioral data.
  • Lead development team analysis
    Identify skills gaps and audit lead development reps to drive faster engagement with prospects.
  • Conversion rate optimization
    Ensure strong conversions across lead stages.
  • Shared goals
    Establish and define performance measures for a common set of goals for your marketing and sales teams

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