The Most Awesome News!

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our new documentary for Akamai, The Most Awesome Game.

Featuring legendary luminaries from industry titans including Epic Games, EA, and Ubisoft, and hosted by Akamai’s @NelsonRodriguez, this innovative new video looks at gaming culture, the art and science of developing games, and the IT infrastructure that ties it all together for players and developers alike.

Set against an eclectic Northern California backdrop, it’s an exciting new offer from Demand Spring and Akamai alike!

Scroll down for the full documentary, plus selected excerpts, and clips. No quarters required.

Trailer | Duration: 0:45 

Full Documentary

Nelson Rodriguez works for Akamai, but he lives for games. He plays them, he writes about them, and he’s traveling the world to talk to the people who make them.

Join him as has he talks to luminaries from Epic, Electronic Arts, ADVR, and others in his mission to help publishers deliver The Most Awesome Game.

Duration: 14:41


Level 1: Culture

What are they thinking? What motivates someone to enter the gaming industry in the first place?

Nelson explores the importance of early gaming experiences on modern-day developers and uncovers the passion that drives the industry forward.

Duration: 3:32

Level 2: Development

No two ways about it, game development is hard work.

Here, Nelson learns about the tradeoffs developers must make in turning ideas into code and how they’re using data and analytics to deliver more engaging experiences.

Duration: 4:33

Level 3: Infrastructure

All is lost if players can’t connect.

From scale to speed to security, Nelson learns how to build the technology backbone of The Most Awesome Game.

Duration: 6:01

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Quick Hit Clips

The Business Plan

Pleasing your players is the key to profitability.

Duration: 0:30

The User Experience

Data helps developers decipher what players really want.

Duration: 0:29

Player Feedback

For many development teams, hearing “Thank you” from their players is more important than profits.

Duration: 0:21

Player Retention

There’s no easy answer to why gamers stay or leave.

Duration: 0:21

Player Engagement

Peoples’ tolerance for bad games is a lot lower.

Duration: 0:25

Player Passion

It’s all about the connecting to the community.

Duration: 0:23

Defining “Friction”

Nelson’s new book is all about the ways publishers can make it easier to “fall in love with your game and connect with each other.” Get Frictionless.

Duration: 0:29

Friction Deep Dive

Nelson takes a deeper look into the obstacles between players and a great experience, and what it will take to meet player expectations.

Duration: 1:36

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