Julie ZadowSenior Vice President, CMO in Residence

    Julie Zadow

    Senior Vice President, CMO in Residence

    Julie brings over 20 years of marketing leadership experience to her role as Demand Spring’s CMO in Residence.  She has served as the head of Marketing and CMO for various software, services, and advisory organizations in the New York and Boston regions, and she is also the Founder of PinchHitCMO, a fractional marketing leadership firm.

    Julie is a big picture business strategist who focuses on the intersection between business goals and marketing ROI.  She is deeply skilled in digital transformation strategy, modern marketing organizational design, and marketing employee engagement best practices.  She also coaches marketing leaders to help them manage their tone, their teams and their time more effectively so they can become the best leaders they can be.

    Julie’s success as a marketing executive coach is rooted in her experience building marketing departments from the ground up, launching new brands within established companies, and partnering with C-Suite leaders to deliver marketing that drives business results.