Brendan McCrannManager, Video Marketing

    Manager, Video Marketing

    With an extensive education in marketing and digital experience, Brendan is a hands-on creative type who brings a unique combination of video production and marketing consulting skill to every client engagement. As founder of a B2B technology startup company, Brendan is keenly aware of the challenges Demand Spring clients face on a daily basis. A video and interactive technology evangelist, Brendan believes that the two, when combined, are the magic potion behind relevance in such a competitive landscape.

    Possessed of strategy smarts, broadcast production experience, and problem-solving panache, he’s a passionate believer in the power of video marketing to getting noticed and ultimately converting viewers into customers.

    When Brendan isn’t plugged into his Mac editing videos or experimenting with new interactive solutions, you can find him on a campsite taking videos of the great outdoors, in the bunker on a golf course, or in the middle of a match with the alumni of his high school ping pong team.