Revenue Marketing is a numbers game.

Revenue Target
TOFU Leads
Actual Revenue

If you don’t put enough leads into the top of the funnel (TOFU), the results are predictable.

Let our revenue marketing strategists work with you to optimize your TOFU strategies and tactics.

Inbound Optimization

We work with you to optimize your web properties to convert generic traffic into engaged visitors.

Our three areas of focus include Real-Time Personalization, offer Alignment to your Buyer Journey Blueprint, and gating Strategies.


Our skilled content strategists and content developers consistently create the kind of visual, snackable content that’s proven to work so well at the TOFU stage.

Videos, infographics, and interactive quizzes are just three examples of the types of content that we develop to drive early-stage education.

Lead Scoring &
Early-stage Nurturing

With lead scoring models optimized for Marketo’s scoring engine, we help you separate the wheat from the chaff.

We design lead nurture strategies for implementation in Marketo’s Customer Engagement Engine, optimizing early-stage conversion and acceleration.


Our Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing experts will work with you to optimize your search results.

The result?

More qualified traffic is driven to your website.

Paid Media

We leverage the latest AdTech applications to optimize your paid media placement, and then serve it up to relevant personas, industries, and accounts.

Message optimization through integration with known lead data in Marketo.

Start Driving Top-of-Funnel Performance

TOFU Accelerator Service

Demand Spring’s Top of the Funnel Accelerator is a comprehensive audit, review and advisory service, examining the key levers being used by you to drive TOFU performance.