Buyer Persona Audit

Buyer PersonasBuyer personas are an essential part of building a best-in-class inbound marketing strategy.

Buyer personas help you better understand your customers, their pain points, and the information they need at each stage of the buying cycle.

However, incomplete or inaccurate personas can cause more harm than good in the form of wasted budget dollars, mixed market messages and lower conversion rates.

The 7 Essential Elements of a Buyer Persona Program

This Demand Spring audit will include a comprehensive review of all aspects of your Buyer Persona program, evaluating the state of:

  1. Core persona definitions
  2. Persona-based messaging
  3. Content alignment
  4. Buying team interactions
  5. Sales and marketing alignment around personas
  6. Processes for keeping personas current

Scope and Deliverables

The Demand Spring Buyer Persona Audit includes the following components:

  • Complete documentation of findings across all aspects of the audit.
  • A detailed overview of buyer persona analysis best practices.
  • Benchmarking of findings against other organizations.
  • Specific recommendations for short, medium and long-term opportunities for improvement.