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Revenue Marketing Strategy

When you must continually deliver short-term pipeline and revenue support, you can’t afford to operate without a solid Revenue Marketing strategy.

That means having a plan with clear goals and a revenue model for mapping performance targets. It requires clear target personas, a unified approach, clarity about what content will help you deliver, a deep understanding of appropriate channels along the customer journey, and a system to measure and report on ROI.

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If you’re missing any of these ingredients, then there’s a gap in your revenue marketing strategy.

Bridging these gaps is our specialty. To help you build a comprehensive marketing strategy, we:

  • Audit your existing demand plans, strategies, tactics, and results.
  • Assess your execution budget to build a plan that fits your available resources.
  • Interview key internal stakeholders, customers, and other relevant external stakeholders to understand your target personas.
  • Leverage our substantial experience in building and executing revenue marketing plans.
  • Drive internal alignment around planned strategies and tactics.

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