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Template Development and Custom Coding

A great way to break through email marketing noise is to ensure that your email or landing page template aligns with your brand and looks consistent on all platforms and devices.

This may sound straightforward, but those who’ve tried building custom templates in Marketo might say otherwise. Getting your hands on a responsive and well-designed custom Marketo template will spark joy for your team and your audience. Your Marketo users can clone, update, and repeat with no coding experience necessary, saving tons of time, while your content team thanks you for staying true to brand guidelines.

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Our custom email and landing page template development service builds modular and easy to use templates based on your brand requirements that includes:

  • A harmonious brand experience.
  • Custom coding for responsiveness across mobile and desktop to ensure optimal user experiences on various devices.
  • HTML specific to Marketo service platform with drag-and-drop modules to allow fast, simple email editing.
  • Program template development, setting up the folder structure, program statuses, and key reports for email, event, engagement, and default programs.

We understand the complexities of coding an email template in Marketo and test your email across 70 different email platforms to ensure a seamless user experience. Landing page and email templates are developed with the right combination of flexibility, ease of use and compatibility.

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