You Have a Story to Tell.
A Great Story.

Sometimes a minute and a half just isn’t enough. This isn’t an explainer video. Long-form documentary is about giving your subject breathing room, and giving your audience the chance to truly understand who you are, what you do, and why you do it.

These days, audience engagement goes beyond value propositions and product feature sets.

Long-form documentaries humanize you, your brand, your ethos, creating meaningful engagement through storytelling, proving relevance and growing your market.

Using the power of the documentary, content becomes authority, distinctively differentiating your brand.

Long-form video gives you more bang for the video production buck,
as you cover more ground with multiple interviews and subjects.

Reduced Production Costs

Long-form video requires a bigger shoot. But bigger doesn’t mean more expensive.

Setup and teardown costs remain the same no matter how many subjects you interview.

Increase Lead Engagement

Long-form video generates a bigger content library.

More content means more opportunities to target a variety of personas, and develop nurture campaigns at will.

Highlight Customer Stories

Long-form documentary frees you from the organic industry scenario.

Customer-authentic stories help build a better business for one reason — you’ll stop guessing what your audience wants to hear.

Long-form in Action: The Most Awesome Game

Conceptualized, scripted, shot and produced by Demand Spring,
“The Most Awesome Game” looks at gaming culture, the art and science of developing games,
and the IT infrastructure that ties it all together for players and developers alike.

No quarters required.

Our Approach

Deep Research

We work with you to identify and fully understand the subjects your market is itching to talk about.

Cast, Script, Storyboard

We help identify the individuals who can help bring your documentary to life and develop underlying storylines.

Professional Production

Experienced directors, seasoned camera operators, and expert editors ply their craft to bring your story to life.

Strategic Promotion

Highly targeted marketing and distribution maximizes reach, compelling your audience to press play.

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