You’re marketing in challenging times.

With every new channel, persona, and tactic comes a new complicating factor in your struggle to prove ROI.


At the same time, many organizations are transforming their marketing teams into media organizations. This move is pushing demand gen teams to learn new skills and collaborate more closely with functions that typically haven’t been part of the mix.

In both cases, we can help.

The best content marketers begin with a clear plan

We can help you join their ranks. Whether it’s to support a product launch, engage a persona, or to support a global branding campaign, our Planning Workshop shows you how to build, staff, and manage a content marketing program that drives real-world ROI.

Demand Spring consultants can draw from a diverse range of skills core to a content marketing program. These include print and broadcast journalism, documentary production, publishing, public relations, editorial planning, social media analytics, and creative copywriting.

In addition, we work with a wide variety of leading content marketing platforms and Marketo partners such as Vidyard, Uberflip and Kapost, to help you engage your prospects and manage your program at scale.

Content Planning Workshop

Discover the skills, techniques, documentation, and metrics you need to build an effective content marketing program.

You need content assets that work as hard as you do.


Explore a selection of the assets we’ve created for our clients, from interactives to white papers, from videos to infographics, and everything in between.