Case Studies

Discover how Demand Spring’s unique blend of technology, content, and strategic marketing solutions have helped businesses meet and surpass their marketing goals.

Demand Spring Helps Fidelity Clearing Canada Implement Marketo Quickly and Efficiently

Leveraging tokens in Marketo is the ‘secret sauce’ when it comes to program execution. With only five weeks to learn Marketo, Fidelity Clearing Canada brought on the team at Demand Spring to build multi-touch event programs for its 10th anniversary six-city cross-Canada tour. Demand Spring tokenized the event programs to allow the team to create personalized invitations for each of the events —significantly reducing the time needed to execute each program.

Read about the Marketo Tokenization process and the efficiencies it brings through Fidelity Clearing Canada’s experience.

FCC case study cover

Demand Spring Guides Laurentian University to Marketo Success

In today’s competitive academic landscape, there is a great deal of emphasis on how higher education institutions can streamline and improve their recruitment processes. The key to this is implementing an effective approach for outreach and maintaining relationships with prospects. For Laurentian University this meant implementing Marketo to help them increase communications with prospective students and parents; and calling upon the experts at Demand Spring to help build and optimize their Marketo instance. 

Learn about Laurentian’s Marketo journey in this case study.


Vidyard’s Marketing Automation Platform Migration

After relying on one particular Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) for years, Vidyard’s marketing team realized that leads were not syncing as expected between its MAP and CRM. 

Vidyard determined their only option to truly fix the issue was to switch to a marketing automation platform that offered the integration capabilities, support features, and price point that best met their needs. After evaluating a number of MarTech vendors, they decided that Marketo was the best MAP solution for their needs. 

We’re advocates for Marketo because we’ve seen first-hand how it positively impacts our clients marketing operations. We know the thought of migrating MAPs might not be appealing. But with big change comes big value. Sustainable value. 

Learn about the benefits, challenges, and what the process looks like through Vidyard’s Marketo migration experience.


Progressive Rock and Marketing Transformation

What does a song released in 1983 have to do with B2B marketing?

More than you might think.

As the opening lyrics to “Changes” imply, B2B marketing is moving through some changes, and it too will never be the same.

Closely tied to today’s unprecedented access to information and an abundance of independent reviews and evaluations, today’s buyer is more in control of the buyer-vendor relationship than ever – a trend that shows no sign of slowing down.

Download this Springboard to read the story of how one B2B revenue marketing organization achieved significant results by moving from a product-centric mindset to a buyer-centric framework.