Case Studies

Discover how Demand Spring’s unique blend of technology, content, and strategic marketing solutions have helped businesses meet and surpass their marketing goals.

Zaloni: A Website Migration Story

In business, different types of projects create varied strategic and tactical challenges for developers.

As anyone who has successfully executed a website migration project knows, the process can be both gut-wrenching and unpredictable.

From front-end choices relating to brand communication and purpose, to the back-end technologies needed to support business requirements, a diverse mix of content, widgets and brand design must be balanced.

And if taken on without diligent project planning, management and proper resourcing, it can quickly become a project without purpose or end.

Find out how Demand Spring helped Zaloni successfully chart a course through potentially stormy web migration seas. - website migration project case study

Progressive Rock and Marketing Transformation

What does a song released in 1983 have to do with B2B marketing?

More than you might think.

As the opening lyrics to “Changes” imply, B2B marketing is moving through some changes, and it too will never be the same.

Closely tied to today’s unprecedented access to information and an abundance of independent reviews and evaluations, today’s buyer is more in control of the buyer-vendor relationship than ever – a trend that shows no sign of slowing down.

Download this Springboard to read the story of how one B2B revenue marketing organization achieved significant results by moving from a product-centric mindset to a buyer-centric framework.