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Jodi Cerretani Marketing Leadership

S4:E11 — 

Jodi Cerretani

Marketing team innovation and MBAs in tech

Jodi Cerretani is the VP of Marketing at RollWorks, an account-based marketing platform for B2B Marketing & Sales. With more than 10 years serving in leadership positions at Vidyard, Kapost, and Kahuna, Jodi’s insights on marketing for high-growth tech are invaluable. In this episode, Jodi considers how her MBA has helped her in her tech career, and she shares her philosophy on productive team pods as well as customer marketing.

S4:E10 — 

Adam Schoenfeld

Marketing in the early stages of a startup

Adam Schoenfeld is a serial entrepreneur who has founded four companies, including his latest ventures, KeyPlay.io and PeerSignal, both of which are disrupting the marketing and sales space. In this episode, we’ll dive into Adam’s insights on marketing’s crucial role in early-stage startups, such as the initial marketing functions to prioritize and the traits that make for great hires. We’ll also explore Adam’s experience as a board member during the acquisition of Bizible by Marketo, discuss the significance of community-led growth and how PeerSignal’s community-first approach has been successful in its early days.

S4:E9 — 

Angela Earl

The power of leadership and a growth mindset

Angela’s career journey has taken her Executive Assistant to agency founder to holding marketing executive roles at leading software companies. In this episode, Angela shares her unique story and the lessons she’s learned along the way. She offers valuable insights into leadership, mentorship, and the power of a growth mindset. Additionally, Angela discusses her passion for promoting diversity in the workplace and why she believes failure is a crucial part of any successful career.

S4:E8 — 

Scott Rabschnuk

Navigating the complexities of healthcare marketing for better outcomes

Scott Rabschnuk, Vice President of Strategic Marketing at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, has an extensive background in healthcare marketing. Scott spent the better part of his career agency-side as an Executive at Hill Holiday, where he led the healthcare practice. In this episode, Scott shares his wealth of knowledge and provides practical advice for marketing professionals navigating the healthcare industry.

S4:E7 — 

Buell Duncan

The key to successful cross-functional collaboration

Buell Duncan is an anomaly having spent his entire career at one organization. Buell has held many executive roles throughout his tenure at IBM, starting in one of the unlikeliest places for a marketer: sales. In this episode, Buell shares valuable advice on how marketers can strengthen critical relationships with sales, IT, and finance teams. He also emphasizes the importance of understanding customer needs and implementing a data and measurement infrastructure to justify marketing spend, a critical initiative in today’s economy.

S4:E6 — 

Mark Stouse

The journey from CMO to CEO

Mark Stouse is the Chairman and CEO of Proof. With an extensive CMO background, Mark shares his career history as well as lessons learned as a CEO, including how to get out of your own way and keeping your ego in check. Learn more about Mark’s career path to becoming a CEO, the roles of leaders, as well as the top challenges in B2B marketing. 

S4:E5 — 

Audrea Laffely

Navigating the customer journey in today’s digital world

Audrea Laffely, the VP of Digital Transformation and Innovation at Rocket Software and marketing executive, has over 15 years of both agency and client-side experience. In this episode, Audrea shares her perspective on the customer experience, privacy challenges in the digital age, and the importance of ethical values in a company.

S4:E4 — 

Laura Marx

A CMO’s journey: From marketing professional to leader

Laura Marx, CMO of RSA Security has built and led global marketing teams throughout her career. As a remote worker for over a decade, Laura shares her thoughts on how to be a leader from afar, offers some solid advice to aspiring first-time CMOs, and shares her own journey from being a marketing professional to a leader.

S4:E3 — 

Pam Didner and Carlos Hidalgo

The 2022 B2B Marketing Wrap Up

Carlos Hidalgo, Chief Revenue Officer at Demand Spring, and special guest Pam Didner, Founder of Relentless Pursuit, join our latest episode to recap some important marketing trends of 2022, and offer their insights on what marketers should be thinking about for the upcoming year ahead. They discuss everything from AI integration, to marketing and sales alignment, and so much more!