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S4:E2 — 

Chris Arrendale

The Art and Science Behind Email Deliverability

Chris Arrendale is the CEO and Founder of CyberData Pros and a Privacy and Data Security professional. With more than 22 years of experience in the field, Chris has gone deep with email deliverability and tested the nuances of what makes an email successful. In this week’s episode, Chris details what marketers need to know about email deliverability and why email is still not dead.

S4:E1 — 

Ramli John

A Product-Led Approach to Marketing and Customer Retention

Ramli John is a Podcaster, Engineer-turned-Marketer, and Author of Product-Led Onboarding, a book about how to turn new users into lifelong customers. In this episode, Ramli shares his thought process on what marketers need to think about when creating a product-led marketing strategy that is focused on the customer.

S3:E12 — 

Marissa Homere

How to Grow Your Skills Rapidly in Marketing

Marissa Homere is the VP of Marketing at Irwin, an investor relations and capital markets software company. She is a demand generation leader and for the last decade, she has built and scaled marketing teams in a wide range of industries. In this episode, Marissa shares her thoughts on the marketing industry as a whole, how young professionals can be best prepared for today’s rapidly changing environment, and what it takes to succeed in a fast-paced agency role.

S3:E11 — 

Jeffrey Wright

The Best Ways to Remove the Three Big Barriers in Marketing

Jeffrey Wright is the Senior Director of Revenue Marketing and Operations at Elastic Path and has been a results-driven leader for the last 20 years. In this episode, Jeff shares what he thinks about leading the younger generation, about sales and marketing under the revenue umbrella, and how to remove barriers within marketing to make it all flow seamlessly.

S3:E10 — 

Jon Davies

Driving Transformational Change in the Financial Sector

Jon Davies is the Head of Marketing Technology Transformation at Fidelity Investments and has been a Global Marketing UX and Creative Technical Leader over the last 15 years. Jon understands there’s a wealth shift happening among the millennial generation and shares insights in this week’s episode on how to lead transformational change in an environment that is ever-growing. He also talks about some of the key things he’s learned over the years from being a marketer in the financial services industry.

S3:E09 — 

Delia Garced

Invite Diversity to the Table Where Decisions Are Made

Delia Garced is Senior Director of Demand Generation at Waters. For the past 30-plus years, Delia has been leading and building global marketing teams at some of the world’s biggest companies, including GE, where she served as a marketing leader for close to 25 years. She’s a strong believer in diversity in the workplace and tries to foster inclusive teams. In this conversation, Co-hosts Mark Emond and Elle Woulfe talk with Delia about her involvement in advancing the leadership opportunities through the Latinx Executive Alliance, how GE shaped her leadership style, and how to lead GenZ team members, and her love of both the Gulf Coast and her native San Juan. This is an episode you won’t want to miss!

Erin Blaskie

S3:E08 — 

Erin Blaskie

A Multi-Passionate Marketing Leader

Erin Blaskie is a fractional CMO, a mom, a mental health advocate, an entrepreneur, a TEDx speaker, a travel blogger, and more. In 2004, when she was just 21, Erin started a marketing consultancy business. Since then, she has worked with the leading brands, improving their digital presence and branding. She’s passionate about helping her community and she’s a firm believer that something amazing can be created from nothing. Host, Mark Emond, and Erin talk about their humble upbringings that helped create the drive, hunger, and grit that they both have, why employee amplification is the most important aspect of a corporate social media program, how to do story-telling well, raising kids who are not entitled, and the three diverse guests at Erin’s fictional dinner table.

S3:E07 — 

Jefferson Darrell

Brand Authenticity in Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

Jefferson Darrell is the Founder and CEO of Breakfast Culture, a firm that helps organizations embrace inclusion and diversity and helps them overcome any challenges they might face in the process. Although Jefferson began his career as an engineer, he found his love and passion in marketing communications and public relations. In this episode, Jefferson shares his background and how he came to be a voice and advocate in the diversity inclusion space. He breaks down what’s still needed from companies today, and how we can be an ally to others.

S3:E06 — 

Lisa S. Jones

What It Means To Be Seen, To Be Heard, and To Be Felt

Lisa S. Jones is the Founder & CEO of EyeMail Inc. and for more than 17 years, she has continued to be a catalyst for digital disruption and prolific innovator with multiple, patent-pending technologies in the email and texting platforms. She is a board member of the Technology Association of Georgia Diversity and Inclusion and volunteers at the local chapter of the Women in Technology Association. In today’s episode, they talk about where she draws her inspiration from and what keeps her going. She also shares her insights on the power of email and the power of women in leadership.