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Tessa May Marr

CEO, Marr Media Group

Tessa’s the CEO of Marr Media, social media marketing agency that works with B2B and B2C brands to build custom social strategies and fully outsourced social media management. Being laser-focused in the world of social media, she is always up to date on the latest trends, networks and strategies that work.

As the founder and CEO of social media marketing agency, Marr Media Group, Tessa has built her career on creating powerful social strategies that map directly into overall marketing initiatives. She has worked with over 50 brands and businesses, advising and supporting them with content development, copywriting, paid social advertising and more.

Areas of expertise

Social Media
Competitive Analysis

Executive Experience

Marr Media Group

CMO Advisors

Through extensive executive experience at leading global companies, our CMO advisors have seen it all. They’re the coaches you want for the big game.

Jefferson is a marketing communications executive with more than 18 years experience and is one of Canadian’s earliest outliers in the IDEA (inclusion diversity equity accessibility) arena.
Infuses behavioral science into marketing creative to trigger automatic, hardwired actions — increasing engagement, response, and ROI.
Develops marketing strategies with actionable plans and programs to build brand, engage audiences, and generate demand.
Builds high performance, customer-centric teams through her passion for process optimization and revenue marketing.
Builds scale with strategic and systematic revenue marketing.
Marries business strategy to narrative nuance through storytelling.
Comedy writer, improviser, preacher’s kid helping organizations to re-engage employees and clients by building creative, encouring cultures that support risk taking.
Aligns product, sales, and marketing around the customer for mutual success and impact.