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We get it, you’re a marketing leader, your schedule is packed, you’ve got the confidence to lead but you’ve got little time to connect with confidantes who GET what it’s really like to lead marketing today. Welcome to the Leap Ahead podcast with your host Julie Zadow – Julie interviews real marketing leaders, with decades of experience, who share their candid leadership insights—all in 30 minutes or less.

Episode 3: 

Patricia Waldron

Being late to market just isn’t an option in today’s environment

Patricia Waldron’s 20-plus-year track record is filled with stories of companies who have, with her help, differentiated themselves through innovative strategies, solutions, and marketing initiatives. The fact is, technology never sleeps, competition is endless, and only companies that are willing to stay ahead of trends will rise to the top. In this week’s episode, Patricia paints a rich picture of what the retail marketing landscape looks like today, and how CMOs can get smarter with the unknowns that they’re faced with.

Episode 2: 

Carla Johnson

How to Develop Creative Thinkers

Carla Johnson is a world-renowned Storyteller, Creative Explorer, and the author of Re:Think Innovation. Over the last two decades, Carla has helped architects, actuaries, executives, volunteers, innovators, and visionaries leverage the art of storytelling to inspire action. Carla is passionate about helping organizations create a culture of innovative and original thinkers. As we get older, we have a harder time connecting with our creative side, but this side is a critical part of what creates disruption in industries. Find out more about Carla and how CMOs can get the best out of their team in this week’s episode.

Episode 1: 

Joe Cordo

Are You Focused on the Customer?

Joe Cordo is a Marketing Executive that specializes in SaaS technology. He is an expert in scaling brand, demand, and the management of innovative market-leading products. With so many changes that have happened in the SaaS industry, CMOs are faced with new challenges every day to make their products relevant, useful, and engaging to their ideal buyer. Joe shares a number of important factors CMOs need to consider when they are getting ready to scale their product offering, and how to do it without sacrificing quality, in this week’s podcast.

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