MarTech Services to Help
You Navigate These Times

Below are custom services to help generate quick wins.

Execution Excellence

Virtual offices, layoffs, headcount freezes, and child care are what we are all juggling right now. We’re not immune, but many hands make light work. Let’s shorten that to-do list with:

Analytics: measure what matters

At a time like this, KPIs are crucial to prove Marketing’s worth to the C-suite, but many marketers struggle to gather these metrics and accurately report on them. Now is not the time for vanity metrics. Instead, it is a golden opportunity to report on volume, value, velocity and effectiveness metrics that matter such as: acquisition, channel performance, attribution and customer lifetime value.

We will

  • Assess the current state of your analytics within departments
  • Strategize to align the future state with executive KPIs
  • Recommend and categorize project feasibility so you can give
    the C-Suite the metrics they want, while being accurate and nimble

Database audit and cleanse

Let us do a deep dive inside your database and uncover the dark secrets of what makes up your marketable and unmarketable records. Don’t waste valuable marketing dollars going over your database limit. We can help you save on costs by uncovering the gold stashed away right inside your database and making recommendations for purging old, stale records taking up valuable space in your database.

We will

  • Conduct a comprehensive data health check
  • Evaluate and fix sources of dirty data
  • Assess ‘unmailable’ criteria
  • Develop a prevention plan
  • Recommend adjustments and strategies for
    reporting and monitoring in the future

Budget Management

Shift in your budget? Make your budget work harder for you with one of the services:

Tech Stack: Get the most
out of your Marketo instance

SITUATION: You’re being tasked with cutting costs and some of your tech stack is potentially on the chopping block. How do you know what Marketo can handle? Our team of seasoned MarTech consultants (aka systems thinkers) will help you audit which shiny apps and platforms are working their hardest or holding you back at a time like this.

We will

  • Review your tech stack and make recommendations on where to cut technologies
  • Suggest how to get the most out of your current Marketo subscription by leveraging more of the functionality
  • Develop a long-term plan to help you optimize your instance AND your tech stack

Maximizing MSI
for your sales team

It’s never been more important to improve alignment with sales, so why not give them the actionable intelligence they need to win more deals.

We will

  • Optimize the information and increase the quality of what goes into MSI for actionable intelligence for your sales teams
  • Train your sales teams to get the most out of MSI

Email deliverability power pack

Email is alive and well, and matters even more now than ever. Not only does email marketing have an average ROI of $38-$42 per $1 spent, but when done well, it’s the most effective tactic in converting prospects to customers. Make sure your messages are reaching the inbox with our deliverability power pack.

We will

  • Make your email work harder for you and cut through the noise by
    inspecting your deliverability

What you’ll get

  • A thorough analysis of your email performance and deliverability
  • Actionable insights that you can put to use right away to see improvements in emails getting through to the inbox
  • Step-by-step action plan that will improve your delivered rate now and into the future

Tokenized virtual event
program package

Leveraging tokens in Marketo is the ‘secret sauce’ when it comes to program execution. If it’s taking you or your team 2-3 hours to launch a program, you’re doing it wrong. Using tokens creates efficiencies and reduces errors by streamlining your efforts and doing more with less.

We will

  • Develop a fully baked event program that uses tokens so that everything populates throughout the emails/landing pages
  • Create the master template for use on future event programs, enabling clone-and-go capabilities

Renewals automation
starter package program

Ease the burden on your customer success team with an automated renewal process.

We will

  • Build a renewal warm-up program that takes the manual effort off of your customer success team
  • Enter your customers approaching their renewal period into a warm up campaign, with emails being sent automatically at predetermined intervals prior to renewal date
  • Work with your internal team to pull and display customer-specific data into your renewal emails (subscription tiers, pricing, number of users)

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