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Wisdom Wednesday, Episode 85 | The State of Revenue Marketing

In today’s episode of Wisdom Wednesday, I share my thoughts on how B2B Marketing has evolved throughout the course of my career—from a primary emphasis on brand to the deep impact we are having on driving revenue today. This week Demand Spring launched our 5th edition of the B2B Revenue Marketing Benchmark Report, and in this video I discuss three data points that stuck out to me:

  1. The growth in the the use of the term Revenue Marketing;
  2. The number 1 metric B2B marketers are measured on today and;
  3. B2B marketers’ effectiveness at hitting targets.

To learn more about the state of Revenue Marketing, check out the 2022 Benchmark Report.

See you next Wednesday for more wisdom!

Mark Emond

CEO, Founder and Executive Chair

Mark Emond has a tremendous passion for developing advanced, yet pragmatic Revenue Marketing strategies that deliver early results and long-term growth for our clients.

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