Who do you admire?

With Valentine’s Day upon us, and admiration in the air, the Demand Spring team wanted to shine a light on some of the people we admire in the Marketing world. Whether it’s a blog or podcast we can’t get enough of, or someone’s advice that seems to hit the mark, here are some of our marketing favorites:

Mark Emond, Founder and President

Dave Laverty, Senior Advisor at Bridge Growth Partners, LLC; Board Member Finalsite, PBS Foundation, Demand Spring

“Dave’s my former CMO at Cognos and IBM Business Analytics. Today he is one of our Leap advisors, working with CMOs in our customers to solve their biggest challenges. Dave’s very smart, but more important he’s very practical as a marketing executive. He knows how to bridge the divide between marketing and sales and ensure marketing is focused on the core business strategy and priorities. He’s one of the mentors that has shaped my career significantly.”

Tina Groulx, Manager, Marketing Technology Practice

Paul Millerd, Curious Human & Soloprenuer

“When we had Paul speak at a recent internal planning session, it was somewhat of an AHA! moment. I often check out what he is posting about, and always find value in the content. He makes you think!”

Terricia Foster, MarTech Associate Consultant

Natalie GullattFounder & President of Black Marketers (BMAA)

“Natalie Gullatt inspires me because she is a force in the marketing world. She is the Founder and President of Black Marketers Association of America (BMMA). Along with that she does customer marketing at Hubspot. She uses her voice to amplify and represent African American women in the marketing field. She is a leader and has been featured in the B2B Marketing Alliance. She continues to break barriers and is a great influence for young women in marketing.”

Derek Boshkov, Director, Marketing Technology

Darrell Alfonso, Marketing Operations at Amazon

“His LinkedIn game is incredible! Good mixture of light-heartedness and funny stories, alongside quotes and ideas that really make you think in the Marketing Ops world. Seems like a great person with a ton of experience. Would love to pick his brain one day!”

Tami Olubiyi, Associate Marketing Technology

Jonathan Simon, Digital Marketer

“Jonathan made the world of marketing more tangible to me and he was always willing to go out of his way to help in any way possible.”

Dani Silvestre, Office Manager

Sir Richard Branson, Founder at Virgin Group 

“Once I read an interview where his tip was to think, breathe and act like a customer if you want to get the right formula. That’s the only way you can build a value proposition that will work.”

Jacqui Bresee, Marketing Manager

How to Have Fun At Work with Lynne Parker

“Admittedly, I’m a newer listener to this podcast, but I have it in heavy rotation. Lynne Parker has a background in Marketing and PR, but came to the realization that she wasn’t having fun in her job. One of her clients told her that women weren’t funny, and in her words, ‘The rest is history.’ Her podcasts feature women from the business and comedy worlds, showing how much they actually have in common. As a marketer, I believe that emotion is the bond between the company and the customer, and listening to all these women talk about humor, resilience, and confidence really inspires and motivates me.”

We hope you take a little time to check out some, or all of our favorites. As you can see, there are some great options from marketers with different backgrounds. Just like us at Demand Spring, we all have different paths,  but have found our way to this wonderful world of marketing.

Jacqui Bresee

Jacqui is a marketing professional who believes that an emotional connection with your customers is the foundation of honest and effective campaigns.

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