When Eric the Engineer Gives Up Bud Light

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Your primary buyer is a Generation X male. You named him Eric the Engineer. You know he will watch whiteboard videos up to 60 seconds in length during the education stage of his buying journey. And that he drinks premium dark beers when out to dinner, but prefers Bud light while watching football games.

When Eric the Engineer Gives Up Bud Light If you have this level of detailed analysis on your key personas – congratulations! You are most likely at a company that’s serious about persona analysis and journey mapping. You’ve done the research and, hopefully, shared the insights company-wide to drive the creation of persona-based marketing plans. But what happens if there’s a Bud Light shortage? Or some new dynamics occur in the engineering field? How do you keep all of your constituents up to date on evolving personas and shifts in the buyer journey? Therein lies the challenge for most organizations – buyer journey mapping is not a one and done project.

As the worlds of buyers change and evolve, personas can become stale and out-of-date. You need a way to get fresh intelligence into the hands of marketers quickly and easily. One Boston-based company has developed an innovative solution this challenge. Cintell Cintell has developed a cloud-based solution for building digital models of your ideal customers. They’re called SmartPersonas™. While they don’t replace the need for primary research, they do allow you to capture your interviews in an online tool and Persona Wizard. Then, the company gives you a mechanism for replacing static persona documents, such as PDFs and Powerpoint slides, with live, digital content that is always up to date. The platform lets you publish and share personas, visualize buyer committee interactions, attach resources, and collect feedback from internal stakeholders. With integration into Eloqua, Marketo and Salesforce, marketers can segment their database by persona, removing the bad habit of “batch and blast” marketing.

According to research recently conducted by Cintell, MarketingProfs, and others, the shelf-life of your personas can have a dramatic impact on whether or not you meet your revenue goals. According to their study, 64.7% of companies who exceed lead and revenue goals have updated their personas within the last six months. Help your team get to know Eric the Engineer – maybe he has given up beer to support his new year’s resolution! Request a demo of Cintell here, or test drive Cintell with a 15-day free trial.

Donna_Desat_300About the Author: Donna is responsible for Demand Spring’s Strategy Consulting line helping clients with demand generation strategies, demand generation process and practice redesign, customer buying cycle and persona analysis, sales and marketing alignment, and lead management processes.

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