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Web Strategy Best Practices

Did you know that over 1.89 billion websites exist worldwide?

Making your website stand out is never an easy task, and knowing that there are over a billion websites kicking around might make it seem simply impossible.

Having a clear web strategy is the first step to take your website to the next level. We can’t guarantee it’ll make your website number 1 out 1.89 billion, but it’s worth a shot.

Here are 5 best practices to elevate your web strategy:

  1. Create a design that grabs customers’ attention: We’ve all heard the myth that we have an attention span shorter than a goldfish. Not sure if it’s true, but the moral of the myth is that consumers’ want to understand what they can get out of a website in the fastest time possible. If that’s not clear, it’s likely your customer will move on. Save yourself that trouble and develop a design that compels action–not confusion.
  2. Optimize your website for demand: Allow ways for consumers to self-educate and hand-raise. Basic CTAs like free trials or live chat features (check out our Drift optimization) help to generate and convert inbound demand.
  3. Make the website relevant: Each customer is unique and your website can reflect this. Use interactions that the prospect has had in the past, to display relevant content. This creates a more human connection, and it makes the prospect feel like they have a growing relationship with the organization.
  4. Follow the buying process: Ensure every prospect understands where to go and what action to take based on their current stage of the buying journey. Try to customize the prospect’s experience to match their stage in the journey, so that when they are seeking to learn about the organization, they see educational–not decision making content.
  5. Connect your web strategy to your campaign strategy: Your website is the bridge between your inbound demand and nurture strategy. Offers and digital social retargeting will help bring more traffic to your site, so consider using your website as an asset when developing campaigns strategies.

If you’re still stunned by the fact that there are over 1.89 billion websites in the world, we don’t blame you! But we hope that with these 5 best practices, you feel a bit less overwhelmed about your web strategy.

For more tips, feel free to reach out to one of our strategy consultants, they’ll be happy to chat.

Alison Pratt

Alison is a full time paralegal student, a part time revenue marketer, and a recently certified Hatha Yoga teacher. She is passionate about making positive change in both her local and global community.

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