Viewtopia revisited: 5 ways to use video to drive demand

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It’s been a busy few months! Having just wrapped up Content 2017 in Boston — more on that to come — we take a look back at November in San Francisco, where Demand Spring sponsored Vidyard’s Viewtopia, The Video Marketing Summit.

Building on last year’s event where we shared our advice on how to align video within your buyer journey, we were excited to provide some insight into the video marketing strategies we had success with in 2016, and how you can use them to generate greater demand.

Here’s a quick recap of what you missed at Viewtopia 2016, in both text and video form.

Our goal at Viewtopia

  1. Share the top video marketing “must-haves” in order to be successful and generate a return on investment.
  2. Interview a marketer who’s invested into video marketing, and discuss the everyday challenges, and how they overcame them.
  3. Present primary research on the world of video marketing. 

We know video is more than creativity. It needs strategy. Our presentation kicked things off with a brief overview of the top pillars for a successful video marketing campaign.

From there, based on thousands and thousands of responses to our Video Marketing Maturity Model self-assessment, we discussed the top trends in video marketing and what it means for your business.

More than just graphs, charts, and videos, President Mark Emond and myself discussed the results with a panel of video marketing trailblazers. We wanted to create an informative, dynamic, and authentic conversation with people who have walked the walk in the video marketing space.

Statistics discussed

We looked at a variety of statistics and trends from video marketing strategy, how organizations are calculating their video marketing ROI, how they produce video content, and what kind of marketing technologies they use to enhance their video marketing results.

Why did we do this?

We built the video marketing maturity model with Vidyard because we noticed there was nothing else out there specific to video marketing. We wanted to give up-and-coming marketers the opportunity to understand the full scope of video and tangible next steps, and show them how they stack up in the industry. As consultants working with technology companies such as Vidyard, we strive to make sure they use the systems at their full potential and know what strategies should be in place to be successful. Viewtopia was the perfect place to release these results.

Key Takeaways

Our goal was not only to provide attendees with benchmarks and standards, but provide our audience with tangible takeaways on how they can get started right away with video marketing. 

This year we were extremely proud to unveil some original research found in the video marketing maturity self-assessment.

Everything from your video strategy, content creation process, marketing technology optimization, and how organizations are measuring their ROI.

We believe that any B2B organization that isn’t building leads with video is missing out on new opportunities every single day. The marketing organizations that are using video marketing today are seeing a tremendous impact on their marketing efforts. All it takes is the right commitment, the right research, and the proper first steps.

If you weren’t able to attend Viewtopia in person – don’t worry, we have you covered. Watch the ‘Video Marketing Awesomeness: 5 Creative Ways to Use Video Today to Drive More Demand’ discussion, led by Mark Emond (and featuring yours truly on the panel!) below.

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