Vidyard Partnership Turns Video Viewers into Viable Leads

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Got video? Get leads. As marketers in the digital age, you know the importance of measuring every piece of content you create and curate. And it’s your job to demonstrate that your content makes a meaningful difference to your organization by generating qualified sales leads, and ultimately revenue. Armed with the right tools, you have cleared most of the measurement and conversion hurdles. Most. But not all.

Quantum Leap

Until now, the state of video metrics has been limited to views, and if you’re lucky, subscribers to your channel on your platform of choice. Until recently, most organizations have leveraged video as a way to increase brand awareness and spark conversation. But what would happen if you were able to do with video what you’ve done with the rest of your content assets? What if you were able to gather contact information through video to turn viewers into leads? Doing so would mark a quantum leap in video for any organization, taking the web’s most engaging, informative, and entertaining medium from a simple tactic to a mature strategy.

Strategic Services

That’s why Demand Spring has partnered with Vidyard to offer Quick Start strategic video marketing and platform integration services. Vidyard offers the most advanced video marketing platform available today. The platform shows you who’s watching what, and for how long, helping identify trends to shape and improve content strategy over time. Vidyard’s detailed analytics enable you to integrate video consumption into your lead scoring and nurturing models in Marketing Automation platforms such as Marketo. Demand Spring is announcing today a series of Quick Start packages for the Vidyard platform that include the following components:

  • Video marketing strategy advisory
  • Integration services with Marketo and Salesforce CRM, enabling you to integrate video into processes such as lead scoring and nurturing
  • Video development, helping you create additional video content for any stage of the buyer journey
  • A Video Marketing Roadmap, helping you develop a long-term strategy for maturing your use of video

Together, Demand Spring and Vidyard offer the platform and the services you need to get you quickly on the path to converting viewers into leads. Demand Spring’s prescriptive video marketing strategies, best practices, and training, combined with Marketo and Salesforce CRM integration services, ensure you get the most from your Vidyard investment to help you engage your audience and drive revenue.

Got Video? Get Leads.

Demand Spring partners with Vidyard to provide video marketing strategy and integration services. Learn more, download an overview of our Quick Start Services for Vidyard.

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november2015_mark_300aAbout the Author: As Demand Spring’s founder and lead strategy consultant, Mark Emond has a tremendous passion for developing advanced, yet pragmatic demand generation strategies that deliver early results and long-term growth for our clients.

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