Using Marketo’s Champion-Challenger feature in nurture streams

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Sports! Someone tells me that this is a very busy season on the sports front.

With events known as March Madness and the Masters behind us, and the NHL and NBA playoffs underway, it’s pretty clear our society is compelled by the excitement competition provides. But as a devotee to all things digital marketing, it should come as no surprise that my thirst for competition is quenched not in ball and stick or roundball games (save for my love of soccer), but in the Marketo email campaigns I develop.

Which brings me to this rather competitive tip that reveals how you can use Marketo’s Champion/Challenger feature beyond the trigger campaign, extending the feature to your nurture campaigns. As a bonus, there are actually two ways of doing it… read on!

Additional Trigger Campaign Method

In this method, we’ll start by creating a “Send Champion/Challenger Email” Smart Campaign using the “Campaign is requested” trigger.

Create an additional Trigger campaign

Next, we add “Request Campaign” to the flow step on the smart campaign in the Engagement program, using the “Request Champion/Challenger Test” Smart Campaign.


Random Sample Method

In this method, we’ve created different versions of the email to test, so we’ll use the Random Sample function to send the different versions of the email.

Random Sample

With the ability to test different variants of an email within a nurture campaign, and declare a winner, you’ll be able to refine your messages and offers on an ongoing basis. The result? Improved engagement, and ultimately, improved conversion – which, after all, is why we play the game.

If you need any clarification or help to implement this feature in your nurture campaigns, please post a comment or question below, or email me directly!

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