The Next Time You’re Stuck Trying to Explain Content Marketing, Try This

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With the holiday season upon us, invariably you’ll be meeting new people at various work-related and purely social festive gatherings. More often than not, the subject of what you do for a living will arise. For Content Marketers, this can be a tricky question. You’re part writer, part multimedia producer, part product expert, part social media manager why it’s difficult — an amalgam that makes it difficult to provide a clear explanation of what you do for a living, especially when someone catches you off guard during your second trip to the dessert table. Skyword’s Christine Warner provides us with some helpful solutions in a recent post, including this old-school fave:

Commit a one-liner to memory that succinctly summarizes content marketing. This will satisfy the polite but disinterested questioner enough to keep your conversation flowing, or invite someone more curious to launch a more in-depth discussion.

The way we like to think of Content Marketing here at Demand Spring is as something that provides people with help — something that isn’t an overt sell — but something that makes them better at what they do. By sharing stories, personal insight and valuable advice, you can help make people a better marketer, a better designer, or as referenced in Warner’s article, better at oral hygiene.

Since the human brain is wired to remember stories, tell a story with your listener as the main character to explain content marketing. Make the story personally relevant by incorporating one of their favorite brands or activities.

elevator pitch So, content marketers — what’s your elevator pitch? We’ll wait while you finish that snowball cupcake

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