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Views from a Demand Spring intern I spent a month as a marketing intern at Demand Spring. I’ve never been so interested in my work. I’ll admit it. I was nervous about coming into this internship. I’d held various summer and part-time jobs, but never in my field of study. But it didn’t take long to realize just how amazing the people at Demand Spring are. Everyone on the team was helpful and kind. They made sure I had everything I needed and helped me get set up and up to speed. Despite an extremely busy schedule, the team helped me stay on-track and busy. Everyone made sure the work I was doing was relevant to my marketing education and valuable on my resume. I was a part of various projects at Demand Spring. Here’s a quick rundown:

Social Media

I was able to work on the social media side of marketing by creating tweets for a local event, while learning the ins and outs of Hootsuite.


I worked with the Marketo platform, which was very interesting, as it plays a huge role in automating today’s marketing world. I had no experience with Marketo, but the Demand Spring team was there to help, and now I feel comfortable in many of its aspects, including form creation and campaign setup.

Comparative & Competitive Analysis

One of my biggest projects was creating a comparative analysis for multiple states in the U.S. I had previously done work like this in school, but the scale of this project was much larger than I was used to, and it was in a real business setting. Throughout my time at Demand Spring I sat in on countless project meetings with clients and weekly team meetings. Another project I was part of was a competitive analysis for one of our clients. I was tasked to evaluate and analyze the company’s web site and present the findings.

Standard Intern-type Tasks

There were also tasks that were perhaps more fitting that of an intern: organize an online filing system, transfer files, but coffee errands were kept to bare minimum.


Finally, the team even asked me to work on blog posts like this, which is something I had never done before. As you can probably tell, I’ve been totally blown away by the environment here at Demand Spring. My experience has been nothing but positive and I hope to continue my career both in the marketing field and at Demand Spring, if they’ll have me back. 🙂


Ryan Laushway - Digital Marketing InternAbout the Author: An Ottawa native, Ryan attends Bishop’s University in Sherbrooke, Quebec. Ryan will be entering his second year of studies in the Bachelor of Business Administration, Accounting and Business / Management program this fall.


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