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COVID-19 isn’t slowing video production. Here’s what you need to know.

In fact, according to our partners Lee and Pat at Newleaf Productions, video is quite an adaptable medium. And it’s a good thing too. Studies show 80% of consumers have consumed more content since the coronavirus outbreak than they did before. What’s more, video is the type of content they want. It’s estimated that by 2022, 82% of all […]

27 Digital Signage Content Creation Tools to Make Your Content More Dynamic


This article was originally published at Get noticed with the right digital signage content creation tools Digital signage content can help you get your message out, but it only has an impact on your business and team if it’s relevant and compelling. Luckily, turning your content strategy into memorable visuals that get noticed doesn’t […]

Using humor in B2B video? It’s funny how that works.

Using humor in B2B video

Full disclosure — I love to laugh — which is why I’m a big believer in using humor in B2B video. So much so that my friends call me a cheap laugh. Typically, I’m the only guy at a stand-up comedy show slapping my knee as I let out a mighty guffaw while everyone else sits there […]

Plan your video marketing strategy using the sales funnel


All about video If you’ve read my previous posts, you know that I’m all about video. I love everything about it, from script to final cut. Video is now the most consumed type of media on the web and has a tremendous impact on B2B marketing. Let’s rewind to 10, five, or even two years […]

How to Optimize Video in Email Marketing Campaigns

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Video is one of the most engaging and efficient modes of online communication today. As any good marketer would know, relevant content is a great start to engaging an audience, but it also needs to be partnered with the right channel. That channel is email marketing. 78% of top performing B2B organizations are using emails […]

The Power of Personalized Video

The annual challenge to create a memorable holiday greeting conveying our appreciation for our customers and prospects was once again upon us. For creatives, the possibilities are endless. Regardless of theme, the message and sentiment remain the same — a sincere thank you for the year gone by, and best wishes for the pending holidays, […]

Aligning Your Video Strategy to the Buyer Journey


Today’s buyer journey is long. It’s complex. And it involves a lot of consumption of marketing-created content through digital channels. Which makes video the perfect medium for engaging buyers. Why? Because video works at every level of the funnel, and even above and below it. Video shows you how to use video In a presentation […]

Film, Edit, Integrate, Post, Repeat: Keeping Pace with Video Marketing


Video is everywhere. Scrolling through Facebook, videos now play automatically. Much to the dismay of purists, apps such as Snapchat, Vine, and Periscope have led people and brands to shun landscape mode for portrait mode. Teasers for movie trailers (not the actual trailer itself) regularly set social media news feeds alight. MTV doesn’t even play […]