Demand Spring Launches 4th Annual Revenue Marketing Survey

Seeking input into how marketing contributes to top-line organizational revenue OTTAWA, ON – October 29, 2020 – Revenue marketing consultancy Demand Spring has launched their 4th annual Revenue Marketing Survey. Over the past few years, marketing organizations have been transitioning from cost centers to profit centers, leading to an evolution in processes and best practices. […]

Work With What You Have: How to Audit Your Tech Stack


The race is on! For the past couple of years, more and more organizations are learning to harness the power of their customer data to improve their revenue operations. These new data-centric operations are tasked with driving full-funnel accountability across the revenue engine, becoming the fundamental glue of marketing, sales, and customer success. For organizations […]

Marketing Directors: Here’s How to Find Top Talent in a Tight Job Market

One of the biggest problems marketing directors face today is staffing their teams in a highly competitive job market. In a six billion dollar industry, why can’t we recruit revenue marketing professionals? I caught up with Bill Anderson, our senior consultant and solutions architect, to talk about this problem. Here are a few tips to […]

Virtual Work: An International Perspective


At Demand Spring, we want the best people for the work we do, that means having the infrastructure set up to work from anywhere. We are a Revenue Marketing services organization with offices in Ottawa, Canada and Ipswich, MA that really enables virtual work. When you work remotely, “going to work” usually means finding a […]

Santa’s Modern Marketing Makeover


The world is built on traditions passed on from generation to generation. This time of year is especially rich with them —Grandma’s shortbread recipe, Aunty Betty getting a little fluthered on holiday punch, and of course jolly ole’ Saint Nick… Speaking of Saint Nick, there are some troubling signs arising from the North Pole. Complications […]

A Day in the life of a Marketing Operations Manager

A day in the life of a marketing operations manager|work commute|reports|picnic lunch|marketing operations lunch time|marketing operations working|marketing operations rainbow

Ever wonder what a day in the life of your marketing operations manager looks like? Marketing operations deals with more than just technology, it drives an organization’s marketing engine. From technology implementation and integration to deadline management, new program creation, and report generation, marketing operations is the straw that stirs the revenue drink. So maybe […]