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Forty-one content marketing tips.

Forty-one content marketing tips in honor of turning forty-one. Since reasons to celebrate seem few and far between, why not stop and celebrate the power that is content marketing? I’m thankful I get to think about these things with other experts, friends, and clients all week long. Which tip resonates with you the most? Content […]

Bingeing 101: Feeding Your Buyers the Right Content at the Right Time


First, a word on bingeing. Many people associate bingeing as the way viewers stream video services such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, and YouTube to watch multiple pieces of episodic content in a single sitting. But the truth is, bingeing behavior isn’t limited to streaming entertainment. The vast majority of B2B buyers—93%—want bundled, bingeable content, according […]

Take Your Buyer Persona Research up to the Next Level


Buyer persona is a buzzword that is floated around repeatedly in the marketing world. Of course it’s important to know your buyers, but it doesn’t stop there. In order for buyer persona and buyer journey research to be valuable, you must make it actionable by incorporating it into organizational activities and using it to inform […]

A/B Testing: Where to Start (And Hopefully End)?


2018 was a great year for Revenue Marketers – and 2019 is only going to get better. As you ponder how your revamped email marketing strategy will bolster engagement and increase sales, Demand Spring wants to share a little-known secret with you. Are you ready? Here it is: Unpopular Opinion: Industry benchmarks for email marketing […]

4 Value-Centric Companies Who Put Their Money Where Their Heart is


Buyers are in more control of the buying process today, than ever. They are more empowered, they are more inclined to do research before a purchase, they have more alternatives than they’ve ever had. Many businesses are beginning to lean towards a customer-centric approach, as opposed to a product-centric one. Some are even taking it […]

Subscription Preference Centers: Up your game.


Subscription preference centers are often the unsung heroes of your marketing automation platform. It’s only fair that we give credit where credit is due, since many people overlook them. They fail to look past the boring name and see the many opportunities. Rather than passively lose your audience to a no-holds-barred unsubscribe link, you can […]

How Storytelling Empowers Your Marketing Team

How Storytelling Empowers your Marketing Team storytelling|

Do you ever have a feeling nobody really cares about what your company does or how you do it? To the masses, this might be closer to the truth. But to the people you are building a solution or solving a problem for, it’s not as true. These are your people. They are your audience. […]

The customer experience has a place in B2B companies


When I read about the “shift in B2B Marketing” one of the bigger trends is that the customer experience is finally bubbling to the top as a priority rather than an afterthought. Perhaps this is an easier focus for consumer businesses because they interact with customers on a more frequent basis. But, it’s very easy […]