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5 Tips on How to Leverage Personas in Your B2B Organization

Operationalizing Personas

Conducting and analyzing your buyer persona research is only half the battle. We see organizations struggle to put their personas into practice again and again. We don’t want that to happen to you. Here are five persona best practice tips you should be following to ensure your hard work (and marketing dollars) aren’t under-utilized.   […]

Buyer Personas: Overcooked in 2020?

Quick, name the most hyped marketing practice or process of the last three years. For my money it’s probably ABM. A close second might be buyer persona research. At this point, any marketer worth their three-letter acronym vocabulary has thrown some persona research on the grill. The bigger question is are they overcooked? Should we […]

Take Your Buyer Persona Research up to the Next Level


Buyer persona is a buzzword that is floated around repeatedly in the marketing world. Of course it’s important to know your buyers, but it doesn’t stop there. In order for buyer persona and buyer journey research to be valuable, you must make it actionable by incorporating it into organizational activities and using it to inform […]