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Subscription Preference Centers: Up your game.

Subscription preference centers are often the unsung heroes of your marketing automation platform. It’s only fair that we give credit where credit is due, since many people overlook them. They fail to look past the boring name and see the many opportunities. Rather than passively lose your audience to a no-holds-barred unsubscribe link, you can offer options so that the reader can choose exactly what they receive and at what frequency. This means happier customers and better segmentation for you (and of course less unsubscribes!).

Here are a few examples of subscription preference centers, and best practices, that we recommend to our clients.


Downtown Seattle Association has a simple, underwhelming setup allowing users to select targeted messages.


Kronos is cleaner and has an ‘unsubscribe from all button’. There is no opt-in language and nothing changes if you select an EU country. We think that’s a lot of questions to ask for email signup.


Cision has created an interesting, GDPR-specific subscription center. Rather than using a ‘Country’ field, it asks people to self-identify by region and role. This may lack on the customer-friendly side, but it’s good to see a different approach to a complex privacy problem.


Litmus has a great preference center. They are considered the industry leader in email marketing creation. By using double opt-in to everyone, then ensure accuracy.


Madison Reed is extremely clean and guides the user to exactly where they need to go to complete the task.

Bill Anderson

Bill straddles both creative and technical disciplines, with a background both in graphic design and marketing technology. He is a Marketo Certified Solutions Architect and has been a Marketo Certified Expert since 2014.

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