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Staffing the Revenue Marketing Team: Salary Ranges

Many of our clients turn to us when they need to build budgets while establishing a demand generation department. What kind of salary ranges should I plan for? What resources do I need? What job titles should I look for? 

I’ve put together a quick chart to show you the salary ranges typical for revenue marketing technical roles within a medium-sized enterprise. 

The data source

The data comes from a survey by Mondo, a specialist recruitment firm. Mondo’s salary data is based on a 2018 survey of thousands of digital marketing placements in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Denver, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, and Atlanta. 

While Mason Frank —another large recruiting firm— releases a much more comprehensive salary survey, we find that many practitioners say that the Mason Frank salary numbers are high. Mondo’s 2018 numbers more accurately reflect what we see in the general market. 

Using the chart

The chart shows data on salaries of digital marketing and marketing technology professionals in the United States, by position. 

  • The chart is organized top to bottom by the maximum salary range. 
  • Bubble size reflects the range of salaries from minimum to maximum. 
  • Bubble color reflects the range of salaries from minimum to maximum. 
  • Horizontal placement is based on the median salary of each position. 

For example, you can see that a typical SEO specialist was paid between 60 and 115 thousand U.S. dollars annually. 

If you’re looking to staff up your revenue marketing department, use this chart to give you a quick benchmark for salaries. Of course, you’ll need to adjust for regional variations.



Not sure what staff you’ll need?

In this article, I’ve outlined various roles and scenarios that demand generation directors need for staffing. In addition to job descriptions, I’ve outlined good/better/ best case staffing scenarios. Between these two articles, you should have enough information to get planning.

If you have more questions, drop me a line, I always love talking about…well, anything, really. 

Please note that we don’t have any actual experience working with Mondo, and we’re not endorsing either firm mentioned in this article.



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Bill Anderson

Bill straddles both creative and technical disciplines, with a background both in graphic design and marketing technology. He is a Marketo Certified Solutions Architect and has been a Marketo Certified Expert since 2014.

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