Six Marketo Summit 2015 Observations From a First Timer

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Marketo Summit 2015, San Francisco

1. Marketo Summit 2015 was my first, and I was blown away by the scale and execution of the event. Everything was so finely tuned. If there were hiccups in execution, then I certainly didn’t experience them. It was also my first time in San Francisco — but with everything going on at the Moscone Center I didn’t have much time to explore the city and be a tourist.

2. The days spent at the summit were hectic. Very early mornings followed by extra-full, yet edifying days. As someone who is working towards becoming a Certified Marketo Expert, I found University Day to be beneficial in expanding my knowledge of the platform, its nuances and its greater application across organizations.

3. The exhibition floor was a completely different experience. After the first day it became apparent to me that I needed significantly more comfortable shoes. The number of exhibitors present on the floor was staggering, but provided ample opportunity to network and have light hearted conversations.

4. The keynote speeches by Arianna Huffington, Philip Fernandez and John Legend stood out. At first I didn’t think Legend and Huffington would have anything relevant to share. I was wrong. I enjoyed Arianna Huffington’s take on work-life balance, but I was particularly impressed with John Legend describing his personal creative process. As a marketer and creative hobbyist, I found his talk to be the most impressive of the day. I was particularly impressed by how he recounted tales of how he marketed himself and his talent.

5. Similarly, Huffington’s speech was often interesting as she discussed the essence of her digital newspaper and its impact. Finally, Fernandez, CEO of Marketo, spoke of the past, present and future of the Marketo platform with new integrations and updates.

6. Looking around the conference hall, I realised that Marketo isn’t just a ticket to a free John Legend concert in one of the most exciting cities in America. It’s a community of like-minded marketing individuals determined to succeed and master a platform that has long since proven its usefulness in driving growth, returns and opportunities for its partners and clients. Many will agree that working with Marketo is a rewarding challenge, and for me, the prospect of becoming a fully-fledged member of the Marketo community is nothing short of exciting.

november2015_danish_300aAbout the Author: Danish is a consultant and project manager who works with many of Demand Spring’s clients to keep all the balls in the air. Danish holds a Master of Science in Marketing from Cass Business School (City University) and a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from the University of Essex. Danish is based in Ottawa.

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