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Part 2: 2024 B2B Marketing Trends

Welcome back to Part 2 of B2B Marketing Trends for 2024. In this segment, we’ll discuss B2B marketing data analytics and the growing influence of video content. If you missed part 1, click here to catch up on our insights about AI and maximizing the potential of social media.


The Power of Making Data-Driven Decisions
B2B marketing analytics is evolving with the integration of AI technology. Marketers are encouraged to stay up-to-date and to increase their ability to make data-driven decisions. Outdated data processes such as those pesky end of the month manual reporting drives, and stitching together numerous excel sheets, exported from a number of tools, are becoming obsolete, making room for apps that keep marketers efficient and able to pivot quickly. Technology that leverages machine learning improves internal processes, analyzes vast data, and predicts future trends. They also aid personalization through segmentation based on patterns, behaviors, and forecasts for more effective campaigns and insight into the next best action in their journey with your brand.

Sales and marketing teams benefit from focusing on understanding customer journeys. Tools such as Customer Data Platforms offer a comprehensive view of your customer, and all of their personas, improving the understanding of customer preferences, behaviors, and needs. Some of these CDPs provide these profile updates in real-time so you can make decisions and automate the journey as they are engaging with you. This type of visibility, along with AI functionality to clean and analyze the profile data, gets you to a point where you can make highly-accurate, hyper-personalized, and automated decisions for customers in their journey with you.

Predictive analytics can impact the efficiency of connecting with your high-quality leads. Through advanced data analysis, marketers can identify engagement and buying patterns, enabling the anticipation of customer behavior for targeted outreach. This increases efficiency, and maximizes ROI as teams concentrate on leads more likely to convert, with a winning formula fueled by AI.

Predictive analytics is also crucial for customer retention/success. Leveraging AI functionality, with its algorithms and the scale of analysis, it can review your historical data and provide views estimated churn rates, allowing proactive identification of at-risk customers. This enables you to react with personalized campaigns, or a human touch, addressing concerns in advance, preserving satisfaction and loyalty, throughout the client journey.


The Rising Popularity of Video Content
B2B Marketing used to be seen as dull and uninspiring, but it’s time to change that in 2024. Customers are getting good at spotting content they can easily skip, leading them to delete unimportant emails or ignore spam phone calls. To re-engage these key customers, we need something new, and video content is proving to be one of the solutions.

In the coming years, short, digestible content—whether in video, audio, or written form—will take center stage. As attention spans shrink, creating concise and interesting content becomes crucial. Video, with its success in engaging audiences and delivering key information, offers a fresh perspective compared to repetitive messaging.

Video content adds an element of fun, and creativity through various editing styles and brand identity. It taps into emotional values by addressing audience interests, attitudes, and pain points. HubSpot mentions emotional branding and its importance in one of their INBOUND sessions in 2023: B2B marketing to reintroduce the “human touch” which discusses the importance of including emotion in your marketing to capture attention.

Video content can serve multiple purposes, such as sharing customer stories, showcasing company values, and highlighting exciting releases. It provides measurable metrics, such as engagement rates (likes, dislikes, and comments) serving as a means to analyze feelings toward content. Additionally, social shares widen the audience and increase brand awareness. This helps marketers analyze and adjust their strategies. With the increase in AI-content generation, we must remember that video still needs human authenticity. B2B marketers should use video content to convey genuine language and bring back the human touch in 2024. It’s new and refreshing in the B2B world, and statistics show that 89% of marketers plan to include video in their marketing strategies, and in terms of production 48% state that they will be creating brand videos this upcoming year.


In Part 3, we’ll explore effective content strategies and the world of Account-Based Marketing (ABM). Learn about engaging through interactive content strategies for B2B marketers, including user-generated content, polls, and customer journeys in the evolving 2024 landscape. Get a sneak peek into how ABM strategies are set to advance using intent data, hyper-personalization, and the role of AI. Reach out to us here to get started.


Maria Hortua & Stephanie Black

Marketing Technology Consultants

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