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Out of office: I’m enjoying my Summer Friday!

Just over a year ago, I quit a corporate job without a back-up plan because I was burnt out. I was overworked and struggling, like many. My daughter was in virtual learning, and I was starting to feel guilty that she wasn’t having a “normal” life. I woke up one morning, and knew it was enough. I’d rather take my chances without a paycheck, then continue on like this.

I knew I couldn’t stay unemployed, but wanted to spend a couple of months being there for my daughter. It was perfect, I would take some time off during the summer, and worry about it in the fall. Now before I go any further, I know not everyone has the luxury to just quit their job, and I’m thankful for the support I had to do so. The decision was not taken lightly but I knew for the sake of my family and mental health, it was the right choice.

About a month after I left my job, a former co-worker reached out to me and asked if I was interested in taking on a maternity leave contract while I figured out what I wanted to do career wise. I knew I shouldn’t let the opportunity pass, so I thought, why not just set up an interview and see what comes out of it. After researching Demand Spring, and a little social media stalking, I got the impression that this company cared for its employees. The last thing I wanted to do was jump right back into something like I just left.

After my interviews, I truly did get the feeling that they understood work-life balance. I was fortunate enough to start the job in the summer where I was able to take advantage of their summer Fridays (every other Friday off during the summer months). I was able to adjust to a new job and still have some time to spend with my family.

Fast forward a year, the maternity contract that I was covering has come to an end, but I’m still here. I’m sitting at my desk wrapping up some work for the week, and preparing myself for our next Summer Friday. I have been spending my Fridays with my family and friends. Sometimes I do absolutely nothing but enjoy the weather. And if you know anything about Ottawa, the good weather doesn’t stick around for long.

The team at Demand Spring is probably one of the most important deciding factors that influenced me to stay on with the company. They are all very supportive, and extremely hard-workers, so I was curious to see how some of them were spending their Summer Fridays.

Danielle Lackey, Administrative Assistant: I have been spending these Fridays with my three kids at the cottage, and enjoying the sunshine!

Lauren Lloyd, Account Manager: I’ve been taking some “me” time, and enjoying this beautiful weather! We are getting ready to move, so having the regular hours to take care of the administration side of buying and selling a house has taken a huge weight off my shoulders.

Taran Brach, Associate Marketing Technology Consultant: Spending time with friends and family, and of course enjoying the lovely weather!

Taylor Hudgens, Associate Marketing Technology Consultant: I have been taking my son Ryker to see his Dada at the kayak shop. He loves to spend time swimming, playing in the sand, and interacting with the customers. I love being able to spend time with my son, and allow my husband to do the same during our busy season.

Terricia Foster: Associate Marketing Technology Consultant: I have been going to baseball games, and going out to eat and with my friends. Overall, taking the day to relax.

Stephanie Black, Associate Marketing Technology Consultant: I’ve been taking the day to travel to cottages, weddings and events, visit family, check off to-dos, and enjoy the outdoors.

Matt Roberts, CEO: I’ve been spending my time playing with my daughter, and  getting back into open water swimming Friday mornings at the local lake.

Dani Silvestre, Office Manager: I’m really using the summer Fridays to enjoy the nice weather with my little one. We’ve been having beach days, eating ice cream, and having lots of fun visiting splash pads!

No matter how we spend our Summer Fridays, we can all agree here at Demand Spring that this is a great perk to have! Working for a company who truly puts its employees first is a nice breath of fresh air.

Jacqui Bresee

Jacqui is a marketing professional who believes that an emotional connection with your customers is the foundation of honest and effective campaigns.

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