Marketo Summit 2015 – Bigger and Better Than Ever!

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Marketo Summit – Bigger and better than ever! Another Marketo Summit has come and gone. More so than any other Marketo show in the past, I was truly amazed at the innovation that’s brewing. With so many interesting and exciting takeaways from the show, a few did rise to the top of the list for me.

Marketo and LinkedIn Joining Forces

One of the biggest announcements at Marketo Summit 2015 was the partnership between Marketo and LinkedIn. Now users have the ability to nurture leads with and without a known status. One of the biggest challenges we face as marketers is getting in front of prospects in a critical stage of the buying cycle – the research phase. And with the launch of the LinkedIn partnership, Marketo gives their users the ability to have visibility into anonymous activities outside of a corporate website. Multi-channel nurturing can be the difference between a good nurture strategy, and a great nurture strategy. This is so big!

Marketo Mobile Engagement

We all know our prospects are not just sitting at their computers waiting for us to send an email. With the launch of the Marketo Mobile Engagement feature, marketers are now able to use email, social, web, or digital behaviors to create intelligent communications via mobile. Personally, I’m very excited to see how this changes the game for Marketo users, particularly in the B2B space where mobile engagement has not been as prominent.

Marketo Moments – the New BFF of Campaign Managers

Staying with the theme of mobile, Marketo pulled another exciting trick from their sleeves, and it’s called Marketo Moments. Marketo Moments allows marketers to keep track of campaign activities while they are out of the office. This is particularly great because one of the most stressful things about being in a campaign management role is making sure campaigns are deployed in a timely and near-perfect manner. With Marketo Moments, marketers can check the performance of recent campaigns without running back to the office. These are just a few of the announcements made at the Summit, each of which contribute to make 2015 an exciting time to be a marketer. I think it’s safe to say this will be a great year to be a Marketo user!

KaraDeveny-Desat_300About the Author: With ten years of experience across all facets of marketing, Kara has always had a passion for email, customer relationship, and marketing technologies. A Marketo Certified Expert since April 2013, Kara holds a Bachelors degree in Communications from University of Phoenix is now an active member in her local Marketo User Group.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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