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HR’s Guide to Navigating AI in the Workplace

We can’t deny that the 2024 buzzword is “AI”. Every company is talking about it – as they should – and we are all watching attentively to see how the workplace will change in the coming years with AI.

We’re moving on from clunky search engines to sleek, AI-powered niche tools that can learn from our work habits and optimize, well, almost everything. (Have you seen those workshops teaching people how to provide prompts to ChatGPT? It’s fascinating!)

Through my HR glasses, I see this as a pivotal moment – and guess what? I’m not scared of AI stealing our jobs! Sure, our roles might transform, but that’s just the nature of the game. What excites me is getting HR more involved in the AI conversation. Leaders need to think about this from a talent perspective, like, seriously!

How can you, as a leader, get started with AI the smart way? Here’s your HR playbook:

  • Find your AI champion. This needs to be someone who speaks fluent “AI” and can assess your company’s situation, industry, and the path forward. Think of them as your AI compass.
  • Team up with HR. We can help craft policies and guidelines to keep things running smoothly.
  • Upskill your team. New roles might emerge to support AI. Identify these needs and get your people trained and ready.
  • Invest in tools and talent. This AI journey is for everyone, so be prepared to invest. Remember, empowered and trained teams are happy teams!
  • Embrace the ride. Implementing AI is a process, but with clear communication and a willingness to face challenges together, you’ll be unstoppable. Share your experiences, learn from bumps in the road, and enjoy the ride!


These are just a starting point. Remember, a well-rounded AI approach needs HR & Ops at the table.

If you’re ready to start your AI journey but would like more support? Our team at Demand Spring is ready to help you. Our unique approach will get you started, click here.

Dani Silvestre

Manager, People & Culture

As the Manager of People and Culture at Demand Spring, Dani is responsible for identifying, leading and delivering key strategic HR initiatives to support Demand Spring’s vision, and short and long-term goals.

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