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Guide to Validating the Munchkin Code On Your Website

Has your organization recently implemented Marketo or has your website undergone some backend updates recently? It’s important to validate that the Munchkin code is properly configured on your company’s website to ensure all web activity is actually captured and associated with leads in Marketo. You may be using the “Visits Web Page” trigger or filter in multiple operations in your instance that will be greatly impacted if the Munchkin code isn’t up and running, such as:

  • Lead scoring for positive website engagement.
  • Lead scoring for negative website engagement (specific landing pages visited, such as the Career page).
  • Scoring decay – if the web activity is never registered and you are decaying scores based on lack of activity, you could be lowering the score for leads who are actually poking around on your website.
  • Decisions to delete records from the instance based on inactivity.
  • Interest based on particular products and getting that information to sales in the form of an interesting moment, task, or literally anything else you are telling Marketo to do based on webpage visits.

That said, here’s a fool-proof way of checking for the munchkin code on the company’s website. Remember to test on each individual website to be tracked by Marketo. 

1. Go to your website – make sure to disable any ad blockers installed in your browser and accept cookies.
2. Right click and inspect the page.
3. Open the “Network” tab.
4. Refresh the page – all background tasks will display as the page loads:
5. Search for “visitwebpage”
  • If nothing comes up, the munchkin code is NOT sending data to Marketo: 
  • If your munchkin code is properly configured, you’ll see the “visitWebPage?…” activity:

If you’re not seeing the Munchkin code on the site, reach out to your web development team and have them check that the Munchkin code has been added to Google Tag Manager running on each site you want to be tracked by Marketo. The Munchkin code can be found in the Admin section of Marketo under the “Munchkin” tab if you need to provide it to your development team:

If this is something you think might be overlooked in website updates moving forward, recommend this to your development team as a QA step in the process to cover all your bases. There you have it – now give it a try! 

Sierra Warren

Marketing Technology Consultant

Sierra is an innovative marketer who thrives at the crossroads of technical creativity and marketing strategy. As a Marketo Certified Expert, her breadth of marketing knowledge and depth of technological know-how compels her to develop creative solutions to complex business challenges.

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