Demand Spring to Deliver Powerful Video Marketing Fuel at Space Camp

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space camp announcement

Right from the get-go, the video marketing partnership between Demand Spring and Vidyard kicked into high gear. Having already co-hosted a video + content + marketing automation themed webinar, the Demand Spring video marketing team is now prepping for big things at Vidyard’s Space Camp in San Francisco on October 6 & 7.


Demand Spring’s Space Camp mission

  1. Discover what new and exciting things are being done in the world of video.
  2. Meet the best and brightest video marketing professionals.
  3. Share all that we know about video marketing and demand generation, and how the two go hand in hand.
Mark Emond, Demand Spring’s President and your pilot for this flight, is scheduled to address the assembled crew on the practical use of video in modern marketing. Though not interstellar, Mark will take you on an epic trip through the marketing cosmos, likening content marketers to astronauts, buyer’s journeys to planets, and videos to space ships. Buckle up and you’ll soon discover the video styles, durations, and formats that are most receptive at the early, middle, and late stages of the buying cycle.

Keep the lines of communication open with mission control to learn about the best video hosting platforms, and how gating and splash strategies impact lead generation, and how it can all tie in with your CRM and marketing automation platforms of choice. Just like astronauts — but without the fancy suits — your mission as a marketer requires training and research to be successful. You must analyze risk, monitor data, and most of all, know your destination before you blast off.

Mark’s useful advice to help you avoid potential worm holes, ensuring your messages resonate during each stage of the buyer journey. So now, before we employ additional space metaphors — we look forward to seeing you in San Francisco! And if you can’t make it aboard, Demand Spring’s intrepid video team will be recording the entire presentation for anyone to view, on-demand.

Want to know more?

Roger that! Check out ‘The video marketer’s guide to Space Camp‘.

Brendan-desat_300About the Author: Brendan brings the benefits of a formal education in marketing, agency experience, and hands-on creative consulting to every client engagement. Possessed of strategy smarts, broadcast production experience, and problem-solving panache, he’s a passionate believer in the power of video marketing to attract, retain, and convert your audience. Brendan is based in Ottawa.

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