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Demand Spring Launches Season 3 of Marketing Unplugged

OTTAWA, ON – November 10, 2020 – Revenue Marketing consultancy Demand Spring today announced the launch of the third season of Marketing Unplugged, a podcast that goes behind the scenes and delves into the personalities and the people behind some of the world’s greatest marketing. 

Joining Demand Spring Founder and President Mark Emond this season as co-host is veteran marketing executive Elle Woulfe. In addition to her role as Revenue Marketing Advisor with Leap, Elle has held senior marketing roles in numerous organizations over the past decade, including her current role as SVP of Marketing with InVision.

This season of Marketing Unplugged will continue the conversations from the last two seasons – talking with guests about what inspires them, and how they channel their ideas to help their organizations, and themselves, stand taller. Some of the fascinating guests being featured this season include Joe Chernov, CMO at Pendo, Yvette Elliott, COO at ClickInsight Corporation, and Dave Gaudet, Founder of Undoing.

“We have had some amazing guests over the past two seasons of Marketing Unplugged, who have offered incredible insights into their marketing philosophies, as well as into what motivates them in their own lives,” said Mark Emond, Founder and President of Demand Spring. “We are excited to get the third season started and get these conversations going once again.” 

Another important addition to this season of Marketing Unplugged is a feature that will highlight local charities or non-profit organizations in each episode. 

“Demand Spring and our employees work with and support a number of amazing charities,” said Emond. “We felt that taking the opportunity to feature these incredible organizations as part of our podcast will both help these organizations, and help us to highlight something that is really important to us as an organization – giving back to the communities in which we live and work.”  

Marketing Unplugged is available on Stitcher, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts. For more information, visit

Nicole Baker

Nicole is a public relations professional and self-proclaimed news junkie based in Ottawa, Canada. She works with Demand Spring on various public awareness activities and initiatives.

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