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Demand Spring launches 6th annual Revenue Marketing Survey

OTTAWA, ON – November 3, 2022 – Revenue marketing consultancy Demand Spring has launched their 6th annual Revenue Marketing survey.  

Demand Spring’s annual Revenue Marketing survey gives B2B marketers the opportunity to contribute their thoughts, experiences, and feedback on Revenue Marketing best practices, and the impact on organizational bottom line. The results from this survey will feed into a comprehensive benchmark report that will help B2B organizations prioritize Revenue Marketing metrics and activity for the coming year.

Over the past five years, B2B marketers from across North America have contributed to Demand Spring’s survey, sharing their experiences regarding the progression of Revenue Marketing practices. Last year’s report featured a number of key highlights, including:  

  • 82% of marketers indicated that they are primarily measured on sales pipeline initiated
  • 79% of respondents stated that they are meeting targets
  • 40% of respondents identified technology as being a barrier to driving pipeline and revenue


As we continue to witness an evolution in marketing technologies and best practices, this year’s survey will dive into a number of new areas which will allow us to expand the scope of our knowledge of the impact of Revenue Marketing. The survey will take a close look at such new topics as:

  • the areas of Revenue Marketing that are managed by marketing 
  • the use of analytics within the marketing organization
  • the Revenue Marketing maturity of organizations

“We continue to see marketing organizations asked to do more to contribute to the financial success of their organizations,” said Matt Roberts, CEO of Demand Spring. “As marketing executives find themselves under increasing pressure to drive growth, we want to hear directly from them about the impact that Revenue Marketing is having. The results of this survey will help us build a comprehensive report that marketing teams can use as they plan for 2023 and beyond.”

To participate in this year’s survey, please visit  


About Demand Spring

Demand Spring is an integrated Revenue Marketing consultancy that helps marketing organizations stand taller by enabling them to scale their ability to contribute to pipeline and revenue. Our team of Revenue Marketing Strategists, Content Marketers, and Marketing Technologists help our clients transform their marketing practices, deliver exceptional customer experiences, and drive revenue. For more information, visit

Nicole Baker

Nicole is a public relations professional and self-proclaimed news junkie based in Ottawa, Canada. She works with Demand Spring on various public awareness activities and initiatives.

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