Best marketing lessons of 2016

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Best Lessons of 2016

2016. Aren’t we all just glad it’s over?

After all, we won’t have to talk the Brangelina break up anymore (right?!), and we can file that snowfall in the Sahara Desert — the first in almost 40 years — under ‘things we’d never thought we’d see happen.’ Phew!

But here at Demand Spring, we look back on 2016 as a year of growth and learning. And that’s why we’ve put this compilation post together.

Below we’ll highlight some of the more memorable digital marketing trends we’ve documented, the leading edge ideas we’ve implemented, and the personal experiences we’ve encountered.

From personalized video, marketing and sales alignment strategies, and the advent of account based marketing, we hope you enjoy revisiting them as much as we did writing them!

The Power of Personalized Video

Personalized video allows marketers who by the way are already using personalized email to produce something that no one has seen before, something that will capture the viewer’s attention and will make them ask, ‘How’d you do that?’

In this blog, Demand Spring’s own Mike McAllister talks about creating a holiday greeting that would stand out from the rest using personalized video.

Marketo’s Revenue Cycle Modeler drives Marketing and Sales Alignment

Fact: Revenue Cycle Modeler is the central nervous system in Marketo.

And if you aren’t using it then you are missing the opportunity to unify your marketing and sales efforts. Marketo’s Revenue Cycle Modeler offers better lead management, a service-level agreement, targeted nurturing, and deeper analytics into your customer’s buyer journey.

What The Masters taught us about B2B buying

Despite what one might believe golf is not an individual sport. Just like the B2B buying journey where multiple contributors weigh in and influence the buying decision and journey. Demand Spring’s Donna Danis talks about the changing buying journey that B2B companies go through and how they want to be treated in each stage.

The belle of the ball: account based marketing

Knowing that Danish Meman, who by the way is a Marketo Certified Expert, is serious about squash is not one of our best lessons of 2016. That said, we’re still extremely proud of his racquet sport successes.

The real lesson lies in Account Based Marketing. Read along as Danish explains how ABM directs your lead generation efforts towards key accounts.

Rethinking demand creation

How is it that top companies like as Apple, Tesla and Slack separate themselves from their competitors?

The answer lies, in of all places, biology. Demand Spring’s Mark Emond speaks to this thought and addresses how to use this thought piece in your own business.

How to get executive buy-in on video

Get your big video marketing ideas approved by following this step-by-step formula when pitching to an executive audience.

Three simple ways to improve email marketing performance

The answer to improved email marketing performance starts by asking three simple questions: who, what, and when. Who is your audience? What are you offering? When are you sending emails?

How marketing can claim a seat at the table

How, as a Marketing Communications Director, a Marketing Event Coordinator, can you earn recognition from your manager?

Find out how using just one benchmark that matters can help your marketing organization gain recognition from the C-suite.

How content drives the customer experience

As a CMO, you own your organization’s content marketing budget, and are responsible for developing deeper, richer customer experiences. Find out how a compelling story can create a compelling customer experience that drives better results.

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