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Alison Pratt

Alison is a full time paralegal student, a part time revenue marketer, and a recently certified Hatha Yoga teacher. She is passionate about making positive change in both her local and global community.
Marketing Leadership
A blog post celebrating the great work being done to protect our planet.
Sales & Marketing Alignment
Lessons from Shrek and Donkey.
How to stand out in a sea of 1.89 billion.
Marketing Leadership
Demand Spring’s 3rd season of the human-centered marketing podcast airs on November 10th.
Content Marketing
Read on for tips to help ease your campaign processes.
An International Celebration on the Power of Podcasts.
Marketing Leadership
Even B2B Marketing legends rely on teamwork to make their work come alive.
Marketing Leadership
A strategy to humanize your brand and create content that resonates with your customers.
Content Marketing
It might just take a pandemic for us to realize that trends come and go and new technologies keep popping up, but good marketing (including writing) will always be timeless.