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Demand Spring Launches 4th Annual Revenue Marketing Survey

Seeking input into how marketing contributes to top-line organizational revenue

OTTAWA, ON – October 29, 2020 – Revenue marketing consultancy Demand Spring has launched their 4th annual Revenue Marketing Survey.

Over the past few years, marketing organizations have been transitioning from cost centers to profit centers, leading to an evolution in processes and best practices. Demand Spring’s Revenue Marketing Survey gives B2B marketers an opportunity to contribute their experiences and feedback, and leverage the survey results within their organizations. The results from this survey will feed into a comprehensive benchmark report, to be released later this year, that will help B2B organizations prioritize Revenue Marketing metrics and activity for the coming year.

Over the past three years, B2B marketers from across North America have responded to Demand Spring’s survey, and have shared their experiences regarding the evolution of Revenue Marketing practices. Last year’s report featured a number of key highlights, including:

  • 73% of marketers are being measured on initiated pipeline
  • Only 11% of marketers had a pipeline-initiated target greater than 40% of total pipeline
  • 17% of marketers were using AI to plan and execute marketing strategies, a 3% decrease from the previous year
  • Live events and webinars were identified as the most successful top-of-funnel (TOFU) and middle of funnel (MOFU) tactics for the second consecutive year

Mark Emond, Founder & President at Demand Spring, said:

“It has been exciting to watch the evolution of Revenue Marketing over the past several years. We have witnessed a continual shift in how B2B marketers are being measured – with metrics such as MQLs decreasing in importance, and pipeline and revenue being elevated to top-line metrics. With the challenges faced by marketers this year in the wake of COVID-19, it will be interesting to see the impact this has had on Revenue Marketing.”

To participate in this year’s survey, please visit here.

Nicole Baker

Nicole is a public relations professional and self-proclaimed news junkie based in Ottawa, Canada. She works with Demand Spring on various public awareness activities and initiatives.

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