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Jefferson Darrell

Jefferson is a marketing communications executive with more than 18 years experience and is one of Canadian’s earliest outliers in the IDEA (inclusion diversity equity accessibility) arena.

Buell Duncan

Technology industry sales and marketing leader focused on building go-to-market strategies and teams.

Pam Didner

Passionate digital and tech marketer, speaker, and author who loves to bring alignment between sales & marketing.

Elle Woulfe

Builds high performance, customer-centric teams through her passion for process optimization and revenue marketing.

Derek Boshkov

Partners with companies to solve strategy and alignment gaps, leveraging marketing technology along with proven techniques.

Michele Grieshaber

Aligns product, sales, and marketing around the customer for mutual success and impact.

Marc Tessier

Easily communicates his deep technology knowledge into the language of business and business outcomes for non-technologists.