Digital Strategy Consultant

Shaily Allison

Bachelor of Social Sciences, University of Ottawa

Shaily has diverse experience from working with startups, agencies, and large B2B organizations on digital marketing campaigns, web strategies and wireframing, brand strategies, and digital transformation projects.

She is a big believer in the “Business-2-Human” marketing approach, and loves to use her digital expertise to build strategies that are both holistic and realistic.

Shaily is just as passionate about branding and design as she is about building scalable digital foundations with the right technology stack.

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Light bulb moment:
After working with small businesses and startups in digital marketing roles for a few years, I wanted the opportunity to work in a more established organization with more structure, processes, budget and sophisticated tools, so I made the jump and joined a corporate marketing team at a large publicly traded company. To my surprise, they had less marketing and martech infrastructure than some of the smallest businesses I’d worked with. I felt like I hit the jackpot. I had the opportunity to build something - and it was only the beginning.
Not sure I should share this, but…:
My grandmother is my favourite beer tasting partner - we love our craft IPAs.
Best. Client. Quote. Ever.:
“The website is f***ing awesome! We’re so glad we found you.”
Job title I wish I had:
Chief Experience Officer

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Digital Strategy Consultant

Shaily Allison

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