Account Manager

Owen Read

BA, Psychology, UBC, Project Management Professional, PMP, AgilePM Foundations

Owen is a PMP certified project manager with experience in the technical software industry. Owen views the most important aspects in managing projects to be stakeholder engagement and relationship management. This is best seen through his project management style, as exceeding stakeholder expectations while ensuring projects are both on-time and on-budget is ingrained in his core.

As an Account Manager at Demand Spring Owen brings admirable experience with managing partnerships and navigating the project landscape. With over five years’ experience managing technical software projects, no implementation is too big when it comes to strategizing for your business.

Owen is a big believer in pushing the bar and setting high goals in all aspects of business and life. He has a passion for building quality relationships with individuals around him in order to drive innovation while leveraging technical analysis to ensure project success. When not working, Owen can be found at one of Kelowna’s local breweries and never misses Saturday’s rendition of Hockey Night in Canada.

Light bulb moment

Shortcuts only lead to more problems. It’s better to tackle an issue at the start, head-on, in order to alleviate the re-work required down the road.

Best. Client. Quote. Ever.

“Thank you for making my job so easy, now I can take the rest of the afternoon off!”

Job title I wish I had

Sports Analyst

If I could only eat one food for the rest of my life

Chicken Wings. The spicier, the better.

Best place I’ve ever been

Cabo San Lucas

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